How To Protect Outdoor Garden Furniture From Weather?

Furnishing a garden with stylish and durable furniture can transform its entire landscape into a healthier and happier seating place. Outdoor or garden furniture faces multiple weather conditions and their harmful effects. These conditions not only affect the appearance of furniture pieces but also reduce their durability and comfort.

To protect your outdoor garden furniture from harsh weather conditions, Furniture Upholstery has enlisted some valuable tips. By following these hacks, you can not only enhance the lifespan of your outdoor area furniture but can also keep your investment safe.

Protection Of Outdoor Furniture From Weather | Effective Hacks

Dubai’s harsh weather demands proper care and maintenance of garden furniture to protect it from rainwater, dust, UV rays, and stains. We have enlisted several valuable hacks to protect your garden furniture from harsh weather effects through efficient cleaning, coating, and storing.

  • Keep Furniture In The Shade
  • Apply Protective Coverings
  • Furniture With Off-Season Built-in Storage
  • Painting Or Staining Furniture
  • Spray Water Repellent Chemicals
  • Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside
  • Choose Weather-Resistant Materials
  • Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

1- Keep Furniture In The Shade

Keep Furniture In The Shade

To protect your garden furniture items from the effects of weather, you must keep them in shady or covered places. By keeping furniture in the shade, you can protect it from direct UV rays, rainwater, staining, or color fading. If you don’t have a shed in your garden, you can also install an umbrella to provide shade to your furniture.

2- Apply Protective Coverings

Apply Protective Coverings

Cover outdoor area furniture with waterproof and breathable protective coverings to enhance their sustainability. These coverings protect your sofas, chairs, or tables from stains, dust, moisture, color fading, molds, and UV rays when not in use. These durable covers are crafted with a wide range of materials such as vinyl, polyester, or polyurethane. Before taking covers, take precise measurements of your furniture pieces for a perfect fitting and never choose too loose or too tight covers.

3- Furniture With Off-Season Built-in Storage

Furniture With Off-Season Built-in Storage

For gardens and other outdoor spaces, always choose a furniture set that offers off-season storage options. You can easily store cushions, pillows, or upholstery covers in this built-in furniture storage with minimal effort. If you keep the cushions or pillows on the furniture year round, they will get damaged due to heavy rain, UV rays, dust accumulation, and staining.

4- Painting Or Staining Furniture

Painting Or Staining Furniture

Apply a layer of paint or finishing material to your furniture’s surface for complete protection in case of bad weather. There are different types of material-specific paints and staining agents available that craft a protective layer on furniture. For wooden furniture pieces, you can apply a layer of polyurethane. Whereas for aluminum and metal furniture items, utilize paste wax to make their surfaces completely weather and corrosive-resistant.

5- Spray Water Repellent Chemicals

Spray Water Repellent Chemicals

If your furniture surface is covered with upholstery material, you should spray it with water-repellent chemicals to avoid moisture absorption. The layer of water-repellent chemicals resists water molecules or moisture content from penetrating the fabric surface. By spraying these chemicals, you can not only protect your furniture from mold growth but also increase the durability of upholstery fibers.

6- Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside

Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside

To keep your garden space furniture safe and secure, you can also bring it inside during extreme weather. If you don’t have a shed or umbrella in the garden, keep your furniture items inside in case of bad weather. No doubt, this practice requires a little effort and time to shift but it’s necessary to save your entire furniture investment. Moreover, when you don’t need garden furniture for several months, you must store it in any indoor space such as a garage or basement.

7- Choose Weather-Resistant Materials

Outdoor furniture items are crafted with a wide range of durable and stylish materials to ensure aesthetics and elegance. To make them last long, you must select a framing or upholstery material that has high weather resistance so that it can retain its functionality and look. Teak, Wrought Iron, Aluminum, Wicker, Synthetic Resin, and Plastic are some highly weather-resistant materials for furniture framing. For upholstery fabrics, you can choose acrylic, polyester, polypropylene or vinyl.

8- Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance also play a major role in protecting your furniture from the effects of weather. With proper dusting and cleaning, you can keep your furniture safe from dust accumulation, moisture absorption, and staining. Holding moisture content for a long time leads to mold or mildew growth on furniture surfaces. However, while spot cleaning or washing, always avoid harsh chemicals to keep your furniture upholstery safe from damage and color fading.

Final Words!

In conclusion, we can say that protecting outdoor garden furniture from weather effects is not a difficult practice. It only requires proper materials and a few precautionary measures. Furniture Upholstery has assembled a list of valuable tips for your ease and comfort. By implementing these practices, you can ensure complete protection for your outdoor garden furniture against harsh weather effects.

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