Top Reasons Why You Need Furniture Upholstery

Furniture, being the ultimate important part and parcel of our lives, gets subjected to plenty of wear and wear over time. Sometimes the damage(s) can extend way overboard and the only solution that comes to mind is replacing the worn-out items with new ones. However, this can not always be feasible or budget-friendly, and that’s exactly when an upholstery treatment comes into play.

With this thought as the headline, Furniture Upholstery welcomes you to an interesting and incredibly worthwhile debate, which goes around whether you should buy new furnishing or simply get the existing one treated and fixed. Keep on reading and you’ll get plenty of useful info which is going to save you both time and money.

Why Is Furniture Upholstery Better Than Making New Furniture Purchases? 

Ahead, we’ve mentioned a number of benefits of upholstering your damaged or dull-looking furniture, other than getting new items.

Extreme Affordability

Extreme Affordability

Of course, the first and foremost benefit of investing in efficient upholstering services instead of paying new furniture retailers is that it helps save a lot of money. No matter how damaged or defiled you think your existing furnishing is, there’s always an upholstering, reupholstering, fabrication, repair, or fixing treatment available that will address your problem completely.

Moreover, the cost-saving isn’t just confined to the furniture, but also involves various other aspects. Think about the physical inconvenience (or frankly trouble), expenses, and mental unsettlement you’ll be going through with a new purchase. And how a simple repair job will truly save you from it. In other words, if frugal living is your thing, go for an upholstering job!

Greater Cost-effectivity

Greater Cost-effectivity

Upholstering your furniture will not just give it an entirely new and refreshed look but will also keep it comfortable and more useful for many years to come. This goes particularly true if you have an item with a well-built and/or very high-quality frame. In this case, there’s no need for a replacement and all you need is a fine and efficient addition of upholstery fabric.

Most upholstering treatments also involve complete repair of all kinds of damages, which means your item under consideration will be wholly restored to its original form and this goes for its comfort as well. Even if you think that the service you’re getting is somewhat costly, let’s say a complex job or huge requirements of fabric, it will save and benefit you a lot in the long run.

High Sustainability

High Sustainability

Furniture upholstery or reupholstery is, by far, the most sustainable approach for upgrading your home decor and improving the comfort you experience. It helps revamp existing pieces and prevents them from ending up in waste, therefore not polluting the planet. Doing so will lead to the conservation of valuable resources as well, as fewer new items will be manufactured.

So if you’re also the one who tends to care about the environment, as much as possible, you’d want to make the most out of what you have at the moment, instead of mindlessly purchasing new stuff. Also, in most cases, new furniture isn’t exactly required, as the older one can be easily repaired and restored in a minimum time, except for some extreme cases.

Customization Possibilities

Customization Possibilities

Another fundamental reason for considering furniture upholstery is that it offers you an amazing opportunity to alter or enhance the look of an item, if you don’t particularly like it or want some change. You get to choose from a number of fabrics, prints, patterns, colors and effects and it is certainly a great experience to personalize every aspect just the way you want.

Not to mention the interesting and opulent additions of button and channel tuftings, welt cords, nailhead trims, chesterfield and tuxedo styles, loose back cushions and much more. You can also have multiple frame additions and modifications like cabriole legs, ball and claw feet and even hidden storage, livening up your home decor on a budget. Of course, the sky’s the only limit!

Effective Preservation

Effective Preservation

Upholstery, reupholstery and repair, all work for keeping an heirloom piece or furnishing of sentimental value safe, usable and beautiful for years straight. If you own something really valuable or it’s just very dear to you and you’re afraid about losing it due to some damage, a simple upholstery treatment will save the day for you and of course your dearest element.

You can find a range of luxurious and premium-quality fabric options that will be a closer or often exact match for your furniture’s current upholstery and have it revived instantly. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a cherished item for years on end and can also get a good value for it, if you ever plan on selling. A new polish or stain will also be a good idea to enhance the whole look.

Additional Guidelines For The Best Furniture Upholstery

Consider these tips and tricks to get the most suitable upholstery treatments and make the most out of your furniture.

  • Choosing the right fabric is highly important as it has the potential to either renew your piece completely or ruin it beyond repair. So make sure you carry out plenty of research on materials beforehand and get professional advice too.
  • Opt for fabrics that have a high resistance against staining, moisture damage and abrasion and can put up with all the usage intensity your furniture piece receives. Avoid too delicate options and prioritize strength and ease of maintenance instead of just looks.
  • You can also do the upholstering job yourself if you’ve got the dedicated equipment and enough confidence. It will not just be a really fun and rewarding project but will also give you complete control for creating any desired furniture look through personal touches.
  • Get the new upholstery fabric preserved with stain, odor, UV, and/or wrinkle-resistant treatments, whatever is your utmost requirement. Also, purchase those sprays or agents to keep your furniture pieces safe and free from damage.
  • Ensure cleaning, spot treating and maintaining your newly upholstered furniture at regular intervals. Keep it covered with slipcovers when not in use and also while transporting or moving it to keep problems at bay.

In A Few Words

Buying new furniture right away isn’t always the smartest thing to do, rather you can revive the old one by investing a little time, money, and thought. Getting your furniture upholstered or let’s say reupholstered will not only save you from spending on new items but is also a really sensible step towards preserving nature and not harming it by sending usable stuff to landfills. We have high hopes that this interesting write-up will provide you with a new and eco-conscious approach and that you find it helpful by all means.

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